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Short Bio

I was born in the middle of a musically inclined family, I grew up with the sound of Big Bands, Tango, Classical Music and donít know what else. I remember as a kid seeing my parents dancing mostly swing or jive. They looked good! At that time I was not particularly impressed by the activity of dancing, it was just part of life. Who would believe that I would find my way in dancing?
I learned to dance socially, as a teenager, dancing was a way to know people, make friends, initiate and sadly, terminate relationships.
I went to College in Denver, Colorado and in that time I began to work in the Karen Lee Dance International Studio, that was a blast! But it was until I worked with the Arthur Murray Dance Studios that my eyes open to the endless benefits and opportunities of dancing.
I have had the fortune to choreograph and teach countless generations of dancers, my dedication and enthusiasm shines through all my lessons. I am certified and well versed in ballroom, Standard, Latin, Swing, Salsa, Bachata and most social dances. Today I work with all my heart to show how much dancing improves peopleís life. I am active in the Rhein-Main Gebiet of Germany; most of my dancing instruction is done in partnership with the USO in Wiesbaden to whose team and staff I just have words of thankfulness as well as to American community in general, and the military in particular.
My students, novice and advanced appreciate my sincerity, experience and talent. I have found my true calling in life teaching dancing; Fun and playful methods and the pedagogic techniques learned in these years ensure memorable and engaging lessons for dancers of all levels.
I am looking forward to inspire peoples with love for dancing, and to spread the discovery that dancing has many benefits. Dancing improves your health, both physically and psychologically. In many cases it turns also in a spiritual therapy that definitely change lives, and always for better.

Frankfurt am Main, 27th May 2020